• Miss blush potato

Miss blush potatoes


A striking appearance, these beautiful Miss Blush potatoes. The pink “blush” makes a beautiful picture of these potatoes.

Miss blush potatoes2021-08-17T09:56:27+02:00
  • agata

Agata potato


The Agata potato is beautiful yellow coloured, waxy potato with a pleasant rich taste and a creamy touch.

Agata potato2021-08-17T09:56:19+02:00
  • Big grillers

Big grill potatoes


The name actually says it all: an oversized potato that is ideal for tasty grilling. Wrap it in aluminium foil and put in on the barbeque. Because of the size, you do not have to worry about someone getting hungry, ideal for a barbecue in the summer with friends.

Big grill potatoes2021-08-17T09:56:42+02:00
  • Ratte potato

Ratte potatoes


The potato is long and irregular in shape and therefore more difficult to peel, but the taste makes up for it! The potato is waxy and has a chestnut flavour.

Ratte potatoes2021-08-17T09:56:48+02:00
  • Chérie potatoes

Chérie potato


The Chérie potato is a so-called waxy variety and is slightly sweeter than normal potatoes. The skin is red and edible.

Chérie potato2022-09-06T09:21:00+02:00
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