• Truffel



The truffle might be the most delicious product which has been produced by nature. This delicacy is extremely rare and is known for its intense aroma and flavour. The truffle cannot be cultivated and only grows in the wild at underground tree roots where a symbiosis occurs: the perfect circumstances for growing truffles.

  • Shimeji

Shimeji brown & white


Shimeji is also called beech fungus or bunch fungus. Shimeji is available in white and brown. The brown and white mushroom are similar in taste, but have a slightly different structure. This is because the white variety was grown in the dark.

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  • shiitake



Until recently, this Japanese mushroom only grew on fallen tree trunks in the forests of Japan, but nowadays they are cultivated. The shiitake is a delicious mushroom with a thin stem and a flat head. The taste is very rich, you can taste hints of chestnut and garlic. The texture is creamy and fleshy.

  • Pied de Mouton

Pied de Mouton


Pied de Mouton is also known as “sheep feet” and are wild mushrooms with a fleshy cap and a thick stem. The mushroom has a natural shape with soft spines at the bottom of the hat.

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  • Oesterzwam roze 500x500

Pink oyster mushroom


The pink oyster mushroom is a beautiful mushroom. The taste is like the regular oyster mushroom: sweet and nutty. In addition, the pulp is very juicy. The oyster has a small stalk with a flat cap which looks like an oyster; hence the name.

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  • Morels



Morels have a spongy, pointed cap, which is reminiscent of a honeycomb. Where the morel used to be common in the wild in Europe, it has now become a protected mushroom, which is why it's not always available. The taste is wonderfully spicy.

  • King Oyster

King Oyster


The King Oyster mushroom is also known as “Eryngii” and is the largest of all oyster mushrooms. The stem of this mushroom is, unlike many other mushrooms,  fleshy and tasty. There is also a mini version of the King Oyster that is just as tasty, but slightly smaller.

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  • Judasoor 500x500

Judas Ear


Judas Ear is a fungus that you often encounter in wet and damp weather. Its name derives from the Biblical figure “Judas Iscariot” and the fact is the fungus looks a bit like an ear!

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Portobello mushroom


The portobello is a delicious, large chestnut button mushroom. The portobello has a diameter up to 12 centimetres! Due to its size, the portobello is very suitable for stuffing. Stuff this giant mushroom with egg, beans or nuts. Gratin with some cheese. A great meat substitute!

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  • Cepes 500x500



Cèpes are also called “porcini mushrooms” and have a delicious soft and nutty taste. The cap of the porcini mushrooms is red-brown to dark brown and feels sticky. The bottom is spongy and the flesh of the cèpes is white.

  • Cantharelles



Chanterelles are also called Girolles and have a peppery taste with a delicious apricot aroma. The Chanterelles can appear in different colours, from white to orange.

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