Scotch bonnet


Scotch Bonnet pepper

Scotch Bonnet peppers are related to the Habanero pepper and are quite spicy. The shape looks like a Scottish hat, hence the name Scotch Bonnet. Scotch Bonnet is available in yellow and red.

Scotch Bonnet at the Scoville scale

The Scoville scale is used to measure the amount of capsaicin to show the “hotness” of the pepper. Capsaicin is a substance which stimulates receptors on the tongue that are sensitive to heat and pain. This gives a burning sensation. To prevent overheated situations, it is recommended to check the hotness on the Scoville scale!

Scoville 100000-350000

Availability Scotch Bonnet peppers


Hot chillies have always played an important role in the Caribbean. Because it was very expensive or simply impossible to refrigerate food for longer storage, the spoilage was masked by the use of hot peppers. In the Bahamas and Jamaica, it is Scotch Bonnet pepper that plays the leading role in many dishes.


Scotch bonnet

How to store

Chili peppers have to be kept in a cool place but preferably not in the fridge, as the pepper will lose his taste.

How to eat

Halve and remove the seeds before use (unless you really like spicy, of course ). If necessary, use gloves when you prepare these peppers and do not rub your eyes. The Scotch Bonnet pepper is an important part of the Jamaican “Jerk” cuisine. Bonnet is one of the ingredients and gives the Jerk a delicious and unique flavour.



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