Sanne's Secret Summer cocktail

The temperature is rising in Holland! This requires an exotic cocktail... This week Sanne gives away her secret recipe for Happy Hour! A tropical coconut cocktail with pineapple juice, lime juice and passionfruit puree! Perfect for those sultry summer evenings!


1 young coconut
50 ml rum
50 ml pineapple juice
25 ml of passion fruit puree
Juice of half a lime and 1 lime wedge

1. Open the young coconuts with a coconut-jack or with a knife.
2. Pour the coconut milk through a sieve into a jug.
3. Pour 90 ml of the coconut milk into another jug. Put the remaining coconut milk in the fridge and use it as a thirst quencher for the hangover the next day :-)
4. Pour the rest of the ingredients into the 90 ml coconut milk and stir well.
5. Pour back into the young coconut.
6. Place a straw and a lime wedge in the coconut.


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