Myoga sushi

Myoga is the flower bud of Japanese ginger. The taste is deliciously fresh with a little bit of ginger.

We used the myoga to make sushi. The taste and texture can be combined perfectly with other Japanese flavors, such as fresh wasabi, daikon and shiso! For this delicious sushi, we replaced the fish with myoga. And to make this dish vegan-proof, we used citrus caviar instead of fish roe!

1 wasabi root
5 fingerlimes
1 myoga cut into thin strips
2 myoga, leaves detached
350g sushi rice
1 cup of daikoncress
10 shisoleaves
20g sesame seeds, roasted

1. Prepare the sushi rice according to the packaging.
2. With wet hands, shape as many small, oblong blocks of the sushi rice as possible and set aside.
3. Squeeze the fingerlimes on a small plate.
4. Place the roasted sesame seeds on a small plate.
5. Dip the bottom of half of the sushi in the citrus caviar and the other half in the sesame seeds.
6. Put the sesame sushi on a shiso leaf, place a myoga leaf over it and decorate with the citrus caviar.
7. Place the rest of the sushi loose on a plate and place some of the cut myoga on top. Decorate with the daikon cress.
8. At the last moment, grate the wasabi with a special wasabi grater and place a little wasabi on each sushi.


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