Kiwi Coconut Cocktail

We're having a hard time saying goodbye to summer. That's why we just pretend it's summer in the office today. We turned the heater on, put our sunglasses on, while this tropical cocktail totally completes your summer setting. We're putting autumn on hold for just a little bit longer...

Ingredients for +/- 3 cocktails
5 Kiwi Gold
Juice of half a lime
1 tsp. Pickled ginger
200 ml. Coconut milk
(Coconut) rum to taste
3 Kiwai, halved
3 lime wedges
Ice cubes

1. Purée the Kiwi Gold together with the coconut milk, lime juice and the pickled ginger in a blender.
2. Pour the glasses with the mixture and add ice and rum.
3. Thread 2 halved Kiwai and a lime wedge per glass on a skewer.


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