Amalfi lemon I.G.P.

This world famous lemon is grown in the Amalfi region of Italy and is known as the most aromatic lemon in the world! The Amalfi lemon is sweeter than a regular lemon and has an untreated, edible skin, which is why it’s the perfect lemon for an authentic Limoncello..

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These delicious lemons grow on the shores of the beautiful Amalfi coast in the environments of the fresh breeze coming from the sea. The perfect circumstances for these lemons. Because of these unique circumstances the Amalfi lemons have a protected status. This means that only a lemon grown in this area can be called a ‘’Amalfi lemon’’.


How to store

Store Amalfi lemons if possible not in a fridge but on a fruit bowl. Here you can preserve them for 1 or 2 weeks.

How to eat

Use the lemons as how you would use a normal lemon. For example, make jam, custard or lemon curd. The peel can be grated and used as a finishing touch in pasta or risottos. But the most excellent practice is of course to make limoncello from the peel!


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