Our range is a source of inspiration for many
professional and amateur chefs who provide a stage for our products. We also hope that our recipes can inspire you to cook with exotic fruit and vegetables. The recipes on this page literally give a sneak peek into our kitchen, and we wish you plenty of cooking joy. Bon appetit!

Chocolate figs

Chocolate figs

A daring, but very tasty combination of sweet and salty. These stuffed chocolate figs are irresistible and super easy to make!



We're having trouble saying goodbye to summer. That is why we just pretend it is summer at the office. Heating up the temperature, wearing sunglasses and this tropical cocktail will complete your summer setting. We will be putting autumn on hold for a while ...

Ugli arepa's

Ugli Arepas

Arepas are delicious, crunchy corn buns. Fill them with pulled chicken and pieces of yuzu for a tropical touch!

Jackfruit fritters

Jackfruit & coconut fritters

Peeling such an enormous jackfruit is simply not easy. We know all about that. Fortunately, we have peeled jackfruit in our range! The heavy work has already been done and the result comes in a handy package of 200 grams. This makes making these jackfruit & coconut fritters a piece of cake!

Ponthier fruit cake

Ponthier fruitmousse cake

This velvety and fruity cake is made by Judith. Sophia Loren once said: 'Good food is a celebration of life'. Judith completely agrees. Celebrate life with this delicious Ponthier fruit mousse cake!

Filocups Quince

Filocups with quince chutney

When you heat this yellow-green pear, the hard, sour flesh turns into a delicious ingredient for sweet and savory dishes. Make a delicious quince chutney!

Spring rolls

Colorful spring rolls

In Vietnam you can buy them on every street corner, these versatile packages stuffed with colorful ingredients. We are talking about spring rolls. They are made from rice sheets that you can stuff up with whatever you feel like!

Spiced Goa

Spiced Goa

This cocktail is based on the exotic freshness of pineapple and the heat of cardamom, accentuated by yuzu.


Rainbow springrolls

With colored carrot & rettich

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