At Bud Holland we take corporate social responsibility (CSR) and sustainability very seriously. We want to play our part in the community by supporting various CSR initiatives.

Global G.A.P.

Almost all our suppliers are Global G.A.P. certified. Global G.A.P. is a worldwide non-profit organisation with an important mission: to make agriculture sustainable the world over. It imposes strict requirements on growers in terms of food safety, traceability, the environment, health, safety and human and animal welfare.



Bud Holland works closely with the international organisation COLEACP. This organisation’s mission is to encourage sustainable trade between ACP countries and the European Union. Working closely with COLEACP, we help our suppliers in ACP countries to work more sustainably and efficiently through the “Growing People” programme. “Growing People” means moving forward sustainably by giving people the means to flourish while respecting the environment, humanity and society. We encourage and motivate our suppliers to do business more sustainably and more efficiently by sharing the knowledge and expertise we have built up over the years.

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Food bank

Food waste

Around a third of our precious food is wasted on the journey from field to fork. And there is very little wrong with that food. At Bud Holland we have been tackling food waste for many years, so we aim to throw away as few of our wonderful products as possible. We have a number of partners who set aside products that don’t meet the high quality standard our customers expect of us.


1.600 solar panels

The 1,600 solar panels we have installed generate around 25% of our annual electricity consumption. But solar panels are not the only steps we are taking on our way to a sustainable future. For example, we were one of the first companies in the Netherlands to use LED lights throughout our premises and air curtains in our warehouse. We have also been exclusively using electric forklifts in our warehouse for the past 25 years, and we have a number of electric vehicles in our fleet. Bud Holland will continue to pursue this sustainable course in the future.


Bud Holland is rooted firmly in society, and as such we are keen to play an active role in the local community, whether it’s for the football club around the corner or for our supplier in Peru. Our social involvement benefits a wide range of sports clubs, charitable foundations and employers’ organisations. Examples close to home are the De Commandeur tennis club, the Excelsior Maassluis football club, MSV’71 and MVV’27, the Home Town Festival and Sport en Spel Maasland.



All our plastic packaging is made of 100% recyclable plastic. What’s more, we’re doing all we can to reduce the volume of plastic packaging we use by switching to cardboard trays and paper wrapping and liners wherever possible.