Carolina reaper


Carolina Reaper®

This extremely spicy pepper has been awarded as one of the hottest pepper in the world! It is easy to recognize by its deep red colour and wrinkled skin. But beware, because it scores up to 2.000.000 on the Scoville scale…

Carolina Reaper® at the Scoville scale

The Scoville scale is used to measure the amount of capsaicin to show the “hotness” of the pepper. Capsaicin is a substance which stimulates receptors on the tongue that are sensitive to heat and pain. This gives a burning sensation. To prevent overheated situations, it is recommended to check the hotness on the Scoville scale!

Scoville 1500000-2200000

Availability Carolina Reaper®

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The Carolina Reaper® was created in South Carolina by Ed Currie, owner of the Pucketbutt Pepper Company. He originally started cultivating the pepper variety because of the amount of capsaicin used for cancer research. Because of his family history with many cancer cases, Currie wanted to do something to help.


Carolina reaper

How to store

Chili peppers have to be kept in a cool place but preferably not in the fridge, as they tend to lose some flavour.

How to eat

This extremely spicy pepper is often used for chilli-eating competitions and challenges. Do you dare? Put on gloves when preparing this pepper, do not rub in your eyes! Be VERY careful.



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