Karmozijn pear


Karmozijn pear

The Karmozijn cooking pear is a cross between conference, blood pear, and lobster pear. This pot-bellied stew pear is very special because of the beautiful red-pink blush flesh. The great thing about this stew pear is that it can also be eaten out of hand. The taste can best be described as slightly sweet and slightly sour.

Availability Karmozijn pear

Beschikbaarheid Karmozijn peren


Karmozijn is a relatively young pear variety, cultivated by the growers house de Sonnaville from Altforst. By pollinating the blossom of the conference pear with the pollen of the blood pear, a large-bellied variety was developed. This stew pear was pollinated with the pollen from the lobster pear. The Karmozijn pear was created from this.


Karmozijn pear

How to store

Keep stewed pears in a cool, dark place at home, where they can be kept for several weeks.

How to eat

You can stew these pears in no time. Stew them for only 10 to 15 minutes and be amazed by the beautiful, soft pink colour as a result. But you can also eat the pear raw! The coloured parts look beautiful in a salad.


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