Weidekringzwam mousseron


Fairy Ring Mushroom

This small mushroom with thin stems may not seem very strong, but make no mistake. The thin stems are very flexible and tough, so they do not easily break. The umbrella-shaped caps of the fairy ring mushroom have a beautiful yellow-brown color, strong aroma and are packed with flavor.

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Beschikbaarheid weidekringzwam


The fairy ring, also called meadow ring, mushrooms grow in summer and autumn and, as the name suggests, can be found in a meadow. They grow together in a circle with several mushrooms, which also partly explains the name. This phenomenon is also called the witch’s circle.


Weidekringzwam mousseron

How to store

Fairy ring mushrooms can be stored in the refrigerator for several days. Use them as fresh as possible, then they taste best.

How to use

The fairy ring mushroom cannot be eaten raw, because then they are slightly poisonous. The stem is quite tough and is therefore often cut off and not used. Clean them with a brush before use. The meadow ring mushroom is delicious for stir-frying, in a pasta sauce or soup or to serve with meat or fish.



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