JOYN® tomatoes


JOYN® tomato

The JOYN tomatoes® were marketed after spending a lot of time on research, experimenting, tasting en testing. It is a tomato bursting of flavour, a firm structure and a good balance between a sweet and sour. As soon as you have a JOYN® tomato in your hands, you can smell and taste it: this vine tomato brings out the best in all your recipes.

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The perfect foundation to grow JOYN tomatoes® is fertile, volcanic rockwool. The young plants grow up on a rope. Every week the rope is turned over and they move it sidewards. The tomato plant can grow up to 15 meters long, and by constantly moving the rope, the plant can grow horizontally in the greenhouses.


JOYN® tomatoes

How to store

Tomatoes are best kept in a cool place. They will then last for about a week. Do not keep them in the refrigerator, as this will affect the taste.

How to eat

The JOYN® tomato loves company; it is the ideal tomato to combine with other delicious ingredients. Italian bruschetta, Spanish gazpacho, Greek gemista… The full flavor is a perfect addition to any recipe.


More information?

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