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Peru Specialties

Chili peppers are the cornerstone of Peruvian cuisine. Chefs do not only use chilli peppers to give heat to a dish, but also to accentuate that typical Peruvian taste. Peru has more than 300 different types of chili peppers. They are commonly used in ceviche and they’re also great for salsas, chili and other fish dishes. We made a selection of the best and most tasteful!

Aji limo

Aji Limo & Aji Limo Mix

This is a spicy chili pepper which has a citrus-like taste. It can be red, orange, green and yellow and provides great colors to your dish

aji amarillo

Aji Amarillo

An orange, very fruity and aromatic chili pepper, with a taste that’s similar to bell peppers. It can be compared to madame jaenette, but a lot less spicy.



Although most bigger chili peppers are less spicy; don’t let the rocoto chili fool you. It may look good-hearted, but is a very spicy chili pepper. The rocoto can top out at habanero level spiciness, and that often catches eaters by surprise. It is among the oldest of domesticated chili peppers.

At 3500 meters above sea level, indigenous communities in the high Peruvian Andes mountains have been able to withstand millennia of extreme weather. This area is an international important source of biodiversity for alpacas, potatoes and tubers. More than 2,000 varieties of potatoes and tubers are grown in the Andes, unfortunately many of these crops can’t be exported to Europe. However, Bud Holland does have a weekly supply of Mashua, Oca and Olluco!


Oca de Peru & Oca de Peru Multicolor

This beautiful tuber is sweet and its starch content is low, giving it a less floury texture than potatoes, and it is so versatile that it can be used in sweet or savory dishes. Fresh ocas have a crunchy texture comparable with a carrot. The finger-like tubers can be white, orange, red, pinkish and purple.


Mashua & Mashua Multicolor

Beautiful tubers that can be eaten boiled or can be processed in soups. Because of the sharp taste, they are not suitable for raw consumption. They come in various shapes and colors. The tubers are quite attractive; creamy white to yellow with pink to dark purple eyes.


Olluco & Olluco Multicolor

Ollucos are used in various Peruvian dishes and mainly eaten cooked, mashed or baked similar to a potato. Olluco is orange, pink or yellow in color with bright pink spots on the outside and has a crisp texture, which remains even when cooked.


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