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  • Jeroen

From tomatoes to exotics


The question what exactly happened to those tomatoes from the Westland greenhouses that Jeroen Arkesteijn picked during his secondary school years, prompted him to choose a business administration study and to further delve into logistics,fruit and vegetables.

From tomatoes to exotics2021-01-28T14:56:47+01:00
  • Figs

“Black fig is on the rise in South America”


In mid-October, the first black figs came back on the market from Peru. They are gradually replacing Turkish Bursa figs in the European market as that season comes to an end. This ensures a limited supply of figs until mid-November. After that, Brazil will also come back on the scene.

“Black fig is on the rise in South America”2021-01-28T14:04:21+01:00
  • Wasabi

Fresh Wasabi


Chilipepers zijn de hoeksteen van de Peruaanse keuken. Chef-koks gebruiken ze niet alleen om pit aan een gerecht te geven, maar ook om die typisch Peruaanse smaak te benadrukken. Peru heeft meer dan 300 verschillende soorten chilipepers.

Fresh Wasabi2021-01-28T13:06:55+01:00
  • Figs

Peruvian black figs conquer Europe


The Brazilian and Peruvian fig seasons began in early November, which was later than last year. “We had already been at it for a month at this time last year. Now we have just started”, says Edwin Janssen of Bud Holland.

Peruvian black figs conquer Europe2021-01-28T10:00:03+01:00
  • Fruit-Logistica-koken

A review on the Fruit Logistica


3,077 exhibitors. 75,000 visitors. Airplanes, cars and busses full of enthusiastic fruit and vegetables and visitors from all over the world visit the Messe Berlin every year to provide themselves with an inspiration overdose, new contacts or to provide others with new ideas.

A review on the Fruit Logistica2021-01-28T09:45:01+01:00
  • Peru Special

Peru Specialties


Chili peppers are the cornerstone of Peruvian cuisine. Chefs do not only use chilli peppers to give heat to a dish, but also to accentuate that typical Peruvian taste. Peru has more than 300 different types of chili peppers. They are commonly used in ceviche and they’re also great for salsas, chili and other fish dishes. We made a selection of the best and most tasteful!

Peru Specialties2021-01-28T09:32:34+01:00
  • Groene kokos

Ever wondered what a coconut farm looks like?


Swaying coconut palms as far as the eye can see, stacks of shiny green coconuts and bins full of coconut 'houses'. In Thailand, green, young coconuts are stripped of their green bark to create a little white coconut "house". How does it work? We'll show you in this video!

Ever wondered what a coconut farm looks like?2021-01-28T09:18:40+01:00
  • sweet potato fries

Crispy sweet potato fries


Everyone who has ever made sweet potato fries, knows how hard it is to make them cripsy. Mushy sweet potato fries make us sad. Luckily, our sweet potato supplier in the USA knows the answer and is willing to share it with us! :-)

Crispy sweet potato fries2021-01-28T13:51:12+01:00
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