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Ambarella (Pomster)

Ambarella, Pomster, Kedondong or Tahiti apple, this fruit goes by many names and can be recognized by its spiky pit in the center. The ambarella can be eaten both ripe and unripe. When the ambarella is unripe, it is green, firm and has a sweet and sour taste. A great addition to curries. A ripe ambarella, has a golden yellow skin and the taste is nice and sweet. Delicious to eat out of hand.


The ambarella is originally from Malaysia, but nowadays grows worldwide in tropical climates. Bud holland imports the ambarella from the Dominican Republic. In addition to tourism, agriculture is an important sector for the Dominican Republic. The diversity of the landscape and the tropical climate make the Dominican Republic very suitable for year-round cultivation of a wide range of fruits and vegetables.


Domenicaanse Republiek
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How to store

Store the ambarella on the fruit bowl for a few days.

How to eat

An unripe ambarella has a sweet and sour taste and is a delicious addition to curries or other stews. A ripe ambarella has a wonderfully sweet taste and is very tasty to eat out of hand or to mix in a fresh salad.


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