These young, light green stems have a crunchy texture and a nice fresh taste. Celery can be eaten raw as a snack, but is also widely used to make soup or sauce. Did you know that it is one of the main ingredients in the classic bolognese pasta sauce? By heating celery it gets softer in taste and structure.

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Celery comes from the celery plant in the umbellifer family and is native to Europe and Asia. This plant likes wet feet and grows mostly along banks and in marshy areas.



How to store

It is best to store celery in the vegetable drawer of the refrigerator. It can be kept there for about 1 week.

How to use

Celery can be eaten both cold and hot. Raw, celery combines well in a fresh salad due to its crunchy texture, but celery is also a delicious snack with a dipping sauce or stuffed with cream cheese. When celery is heated it becomes softer in texture and flavor. It is one of the basic ingredients to make a classic pasta sauce and delicious to stir-fried with garlic or into a stew or couscous. There are numerous possibilities with celery. Before use, cut a piece from the bottom and remove any leaves and hard veins. Then wash well with water and the celery is ready to eat right a way or to prepare the way you like.



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