Dried Kaffir lime leaves

These Kaffir lime leaves grow on the Kaffir lime tree and are dried after harvest. They are also called Djeroek Poeroet. They have a slightly milder taste than the fresh leaves and are often used for stewing to add the fresh, authentic citrus flavor to the dish. It is a very popular and loved ingredient in Indonesian and Thai cuisine, among others.

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Jaarrond beschikbaar


These Kaffir lime leaves grow on the Kaffir lime tree. It is a small, thorny tree that produces distinctive, bumpy fruits and double-lobed leaves. Although kaffir lime leaves are mainly associated with Thai cuisine, they are also used in other countries in Southeast Asia. In Indonesia, for example, they are an important ingredient in dishes such as rendang and laksa. Similarly, in Malaysia they are used in various curries and soups.




Namdhari is the surname of our Indian founders who settled in Thailand in 1900. The family name now lives on in the form of a world-renowned brand name. In 2010, the Namdhari family established the company Flora Capital Co. Ltd. to focus on exports of Thai fruit and vegetables to India and, later on, to the Middle East. Dutchman Mark Huisman joined the team in 2015, following which Namdhari went on to take markets all over the world by storm. The company now exports 300,000 kg of air freight and dozens of refrigerated sea containers packed full of wonderful Thai fruit and vegetables globally every month.


How to store

Dried Kaffir lime leaves have a long shelf life. Store them closed in a dry, dark place.

How to use

Dried Kaffir lime leaves are a very popular ingredient in Indonesian and Thai cuisine, but also in other oriantal cuisines. Delicious to stew in soups and curries or to season stir-fry dishes. By heating the leaves and letting them stew, they add a delicious, authentic citrus flavor to your dish. Discard the leaves before eating.



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