Durian fruit



Durian might be one of the most unique fruits in our assortment. For sure it’s the most smelly one! A ripe durian is famous because of its particular scent which is caused by hydrogen sulphide. The egg shaped fruit is 15-30 cm long and can weight up to 8 kg. The seeds are aligned by compact, edible, crème coloured dark-yellow, pudding like seed coats. When you can conquer the smell you will be treated with a delicious sweet and aromatic fruit!

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Durian is originally from South East Asia and used to be cultivated in the Moluccas. The Durian is sometimes called the ‘’King of Fruits’’. Because of the intense scent, some bus-and airplane agencies prohibited it to take a durian with you. As well its often prohibited to take a durian to your hotel room.


Durian fruit

How to store

Due to the strong scent, it’s best to eat durian immediately after purchase. Another option is to cut the Durian in smaller parts and put them in the fridge or freezer in an airthight packaging.

How to eat

Look for slightly brownish lines on the skin that end in a star. Use the tip of your knife to cut a few centimeters inside. When you carefully turn the knife back and forth, the durian will burst open and you can continue to follow the lines with your knife and/or hands. Now you can eat the yellow seed coats (without the seeds). You can eat durian out of hand or use it in fruit salads or turn it into ice cream.


More information?

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