Golden enoki


Enoki Gold

The Enoki Gold is a Japanese mushroom variety with a characteristic look and sweet, fruity taste. This mushroom owes its name to its beautiful brown golden color. They grow as clusters in the wild and can be found in the mountain areas, often near the snow line. Like the white variety, this mushroom has long, thin stems with small caps at the end.

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Enoki Gold is originally from Japan, where it grows wild in the mountain areas. Nowadays they also come from South-Korea.


South Korea
Golden enoki

How to store

Store Enoki Gold dry in the fridge. There they can be kept for a few days.

How to eat

The Enoki Gold mushrooms are sold as a bunch, often with a little soil at the bottom. Cut off the bottom and carefully separate the long, thin stems from the Enoki mushrooms. Clean the stems with a soft brush. They taste delicious as vermicelli in a soup or you can use them in a delicious risotto for example. Stir-fry Enoki Gold briefly, so that they retain their crispy bite. Its a fine ingredient that can be combined well with other vegetables.



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