Green Red pruimen


Green Red plums

Green Red plums are also called watermelon plums and have striking red flesh and a red and green skin. They are distinguished by their unique, high-quality taste. When they are still a bit unripe and crunchy, they are sweet, but also have a subtle acidity. When ripe, the aromatic, dark flesh is velvety soft.

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South Africa has various climates, ranging from Mediterranean in the western Cape Province to subtropical and tropical in the north. Plums thrive in areas with mild winters and warm, dry summers. Plum trees are deciduous trees and belong to the rose family (Rosaceae). They have oval, toothed leaves and produce beautiful flowers that range in color from white to pink depending on the variety.


Green Red pruimen

How to store

Do not store Green Red plums in the refrigerator, but in a cool place or in the fruit bowl. The taste and aroma then remain at their best.

How to eat

Use Green Red plums just as you would use a regular plum. The skin is edible. Simply eat them fresh as a healthy snack or add plum segments to a salad.


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