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Vick family farms: feeding the planet


In 1975 Jerome and Diane Vick left their full-time jobs to start work on the 25-hectare farm where Jerome’s grandfather Olaud Vick had raised his family of six. With endless determination and a strong work ethic, they became successful farmers whose farmland has grown to over 7,000 acres.

Vick family farms: feeding the planet2022-03-11T12:06:43+01:00
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Bud Holland ‘IFS Food Level 7 Higher Level’ certified!


Bud Holland has again achieved the internationally recognized quality standard 'IFS Food Level 7 Higher Level' for next year. With a beautiful score of 98.10%, we are extremely proud and, moreover, grateful for everyone's efforts. Bud Holland customers can count on products of perfect quality every day of the year. The highly advanced ERP system also enables Bud Holland to guarantee the traceability and food safety of the products.

Bud Holland ‘IFS Food Level 7 Higher Level’ certified!2021-12-14T08:23:03+01:00
  • Fermenting is hot!

Fermenting is HOT!


White garlic bulbs, yellow onions and limes are placed in the oven for 3 weeks and fermented through a carefully controlled heating process. Due to this fermentation process, the sugars and amino acids form melanoidin, which makes the products black and soft. The heating process releases more healthy antioxidants. Its soft, jelly-like texture and rich taste make it great to eat as an ingredient or simply as a healthy snack.

Fermenting is HOT!2021-11-26T11:17:55+01:00
  • Clean kiwi

Clean Kiwis on their way!


If everything goes according to plan, we will receive the first Clean Kiwis next Monday. The sizes are a bit disappointing this year, which means that we will not receive large sizes, but mainly the sizes 27, 30 and 33. Fortunately, the quality and taste are no less! Both the plant and the fruit of this kiwi variety are untreated.

Clean Kiwis on their way!2021-11-25T14:06:13+01:00
  • Wanja-micro-radijs

New in our range: micro and rainbow radish!


"A few weeks ago we have expanded our range with rainbow radish and micro radish." says Wanja Engbergen. "These colorful radishes can really brighten up the plate and shelf and are very tasty. The radishes are sown and harvested by experienced people at our grower. Then the radishes are bunched by hand so that we can be sure that the quality is perfect and the radish arrives undamaged at our customers."

New in our range: micro and rainbow radish!2021-08-23T16:02:32+02:00
  • Kiwano

New Zealand kiwano’s arrived


This week, kiwano's from New Zealand have arrived at the Bud Holland warehouse. It does not happen very often anymore that this exotic is flown in, because in general kiwanos are brought in from more nearby countries.

New Zealand kiwano’s arrived2021-05-27T10:29:25+02:00
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