Trompet de la Mort


Horn of Plenty (Trompet de la Mort)

The Horn of Plenty mushroom, also called ‘Trompet de la mort’, is a wild mushroom with a dark gray to deep black color. This mushroom is related to the chanterelle and has similarities in both appearance and taste. The name of this mushroom is derived from its striking appearance, a funnel-shaped cap with hollow stems that resembles a trumpet..

Availability Horn of Plenty (Trompet de la Mort)


Horn of Plenty always grows together in groups and in the wild they are mainly found in beech forests in Europe.


Trompet de la Mort

How to store

The Horn of Abundance mushroom has a short shelf life. Use them as fresh as possible. They can be kept in the refrigerator for several days.

How to eat

The black trumpet has a wonderful spicy taste and is particularly tasty in risotto, sauce, stews and soup or with fish and game dishes. You can prepare this mushroom in various ways, such as boiling, stir-frying with different herbs or grilling. Before use, brush the mushrooms, cut a piece from the bottom of the stem and they are ready to go.



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