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Kiwi Gold

The kiwi gold is a delicious fruit with a unique sweet taste. Like her green friend it’s a true vitamine bomb and a perfect fruit for when you have a break. And what makes it truly special is that you can eat it with its skin!

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The kiwi fruit is originally from China where it is already consumed for centuries. Mary Isabel Frase brought some seeds to New Zealand in 1906 here the first commercial breeds where grown. Till 1959 the name of the fruit changed into the famous name of the bird in New Zeeland called kiwi, which looks a bit like the fruit walking on two legs. Fun fact: Bud Holland was the first country that imported the kiwi to Europe.


Gele kiwi

How to store

You can store a kiwi for several days in the fridge for 1-2 weeks.

How to eat

You can of course just cut in halve and spoon the kiwi. But you can also peel them and then cut them into slices or cubes. You can serve kiwi hot or cold and its a delicious addition to salads, pastries or yogurt.


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