Mini Indian Corn


Mini Indian Corn

Mini Indian Corn, also called flint corn because of the hard shell, is a decorative corn cob and has a striking appearance due to its many beautiful different colors. The Mini Indian Corn is not edible and is only used for decoration. During autumn you see the Mini Indian Corn popping up more and more and it is widely used to decorate the Thanksgiving table.

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Indian corn originated in America where it is grown as one of the oldest varieties of corn. From the late 1400, explorers and traders brought this special crop with them and it became more known in much of the rest of the world.


Mini Indian Corn

How to store

Store this Mini Indian Corn dry and cool.

How to use

Mini Indian Corn is a beautiful, natural decoration that can often be seen as decoration on the Thanksgiving table. You can also make a beautiful autumn wreath for the front door. Due to the hard shell of the granules, they are less likely to get dents and spoil less quickly, making them very suitable for autumn decorations.



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