Miss blush potato


Miss Blush potatoes

A striking appearance, these beautiful Miss Blush potatoes. The pink “blush” makes a beautiful appearance. The potato has a round shape and is waxy. Use them with skin and all to enhance her appearance.

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Did you know that potatoes (which are mostly seen as a traditional Dutch product) are originally from Peru? The Spaniards discovered it during their voyages in the 15th century and brought them to Europe. Miss Blush is an innovative variety of the Belgian branch of Potato Masters in 2005. They are committed to a high-quality assortment with special appearances and exclusive flavours.


Miss blush potato

How to store

Keep the potatoes in a dark and dry surrounding

How to store

Miss Blush potatoes are waxy. This means that they are suitable for cooking or baking. Prepare the potatoes with skin, so they keep their vitamins and nice colour.


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