Pomodoro del Piennolo D.O.P.

Tomatoes with character; Pomodoro del Piennolo! These tomatoes from Italy have a beautiful deep red skin, are oval-shaped with a pointed tip. It’s one of the oldest varieties grown in the southern Campania region and is special because of the traditional way of harvesting and its unique flavor profile. An delicious authentic Italian product!

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Pomodoro del Piennolo grow in the Campania region near the volcano Vesuvius and are real sun lovers. The climate and the rich lava soil of the volcano provide the perfect growing conditions for these authentic flavor bombs and gave them a beautiful fire-red colour and intense taste.


Our grower

This variety is harvested using traditional techniques. After harvesting, the tomatoes are tied together in a large bunch and be kept hanging above the ground in a dry and ventilated place to ripe. This traditional method of ripening has given them the name ‘piennolo’, which means ‘hanging’ in Neapolitan. Because of these unique circumstances and quality, Pomodoro del Piennolo tomatoes are provided with the D.O.P. quality mark. This is a type of protected status that represents the guarantee that this product was made in a specific part of the country known for producing this product.


How to store

Tomatoes are best kept in a dry place.

How to use

What makes the Pomodoro del Piennolo so special is not only the way they are harvested, but also their unique flavor profile. Pomodoro del Piennolo gives a unique touch to every dish due to its intens, sweet taste. They are an important ingredient in many Italian dishes such as pasta sauce, bruschetta and picca, but they also taste fantastic in a Caprese salad for example. A popular and versatile ingredient, loved by connoisseur and chefs.


More information?

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