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Rulo banana

The Rulo banana is the little sister of the well-known plantain and cannot be eaten raw. The taste of the Rulo banana is nice and sweet and it is smaller and wider in shape compared to the plantain. Once the Rulo banana has been picked, it ripens fairly quickly and has a short shelf life.


Rulo bananas grow as a truss on the banana plant in the Dominican Republic. In addition to tourism, agriculture is an important sector for the Dominican Republic. The diversity of the landscape and the tropical climate make the Dominican Republic super suitable for year-round cultivation of a wide range of fruits and vegetables.


Dominicaanse Republiek
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How to store

The Rulo banana can only be stored for a few days at room temperature in the fruit bowl.

How to eat

The Rulo banana can’t be eaten raw, but it is great for baking, grilling, cooking or frying. Before use, remove the skin by cutting off both ends and then slitting the skin lengthwise so that it can be easily peeled. Deep fry the whole banana for a few minutes until they are hard. Flatten them slightly and let them cool for a while. A tasty snack with a little salt on top and a dipping sauce. Crispy tostones are often made from fried banana pieces in Central America and South America, but it is also highly recommended in combination with ice cream for dessert.


More information?

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