Star anise

Star anise is a special spice with a beautiful shape and aromatic smell and taste. A real flavor bomb with a licorice-like anise taste, but a bit sharper. Star anise is recognizable by its brown star shape with a seed in the pointed ends. Surprisingly, the flavor is not in the seeds, but rather in the skin around them. You can use powdered star anise or use it whole to flavor soups, stews or curries. Because of its beautiful shape star anise is also often used as garnish of desserts or in a spicy cocktail. Fun fact: In China there is a legend that if you find a star anise with more than eight pointed ends, it brings good luck.

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Star anise is a dried fruit that grows on trees generally found in Asian countries. To preserve the seeds, these fruits are picked before they are ripe. Star anise is very popular in Asian cuisine where it is widely used to flavor sauces, meat and rice dishes. Since the 17th century, we have also encountered star anise in European cuisine.



How to store

To preserve the aroma and flavor, it is best to store star anise dry and sealed at room temperature.

How to eat

Star anise is a real flavor bomb and can be used well in both sweet and savory dishes. Because of its beautiful star shape, it is also used as a dessert garnish or added to a cocktail for a spicy touch. Its warm aromatic character combines wonderfully in a curry, winter stew or sauce. By adding star anise to the cooking process, you give the dish that little bit of spice it sometimes needs. Star anise remains hard in structure when heated, making it inedible. So don’t forget to remove it before serving!


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