1 liter

3 hours

1 liter cooked water

2 bags of black tea

1/2 Bergamot (fresh)

Piece of ginger (sliced)

3-4 twigs of rosemary

40 ml honey

ice cubes


bergamot slices , rosemary and cinnamon

Bergamot iced tea

Fill a glass bottle with one liter of boiling water. Add the tea bags and let them steep for a while.

Cut the bergamot in half and squeeze the juice of half a bergamot and add it to the tea. Then add a few sprigs of rosemary, slices of ginger and honey and stir everything well. Place this in the refrigerator and let it cool.

Fill a glass with ice and pour the iced tea into it. Add a slice of bergamot, a cinnamon stick and a sprig of rosemary for the finishing touch and your wonderfully refreshing, spicy drink is ready. A real thirst quencher!

Bergamot iced tea



Bergamot is also known under the name ‘’lucky fruit’’. It is a crossing between a lemon and a bitter orange. The pulp of this citrus fruit has a calming and uplifting effect. It is therefore not surprising that this Italian citrus fruit is often used in perfumes, but also in the well-known Earl Gray tea. The citrus fruit gets its name from the place where it comes from: the Italian city of Bergamo.


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