8 persons
15 minutes

8 Medjoul dates

100 g gorgonzola dolce

100 g raw ham

25 g pistachios

2 thyme twigs

Stuffed dates

Cut the dates in the middle and remove the pit. Make sure that the date is not completely cut through and that it is still connected at the bottom. This way you can easily fill the date and the date stays nice and whole as a snack.

Toast the pistachios in a pan. Let them cool down and chop finely. Fill the dates with the soft blue cheese and finely chopped pistachios for a crunchy bite.

Then fold the raw ham around the dates and use a twig of fresh thyme as a garnish on top. Use the remaining thyme and pistachios as decoration.


Medjoul dates

Medjool dates are the fruits of the date palm that are dried after harvesting. A Medjoul date is the king of dates and a delicious treat. They are bigger, softer and more flavorful than most dates.


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