Seedless papaya


“Seedless papaya responds to the convenience trend, but has yet to be announced”

The first seedless papayas from Israel arrived at BUD last Friday. “This is the only country that grows this product for the time being. The seedless papaya grows in the Arava area in the south / eastern part of Israel”, says Stefan Warbout. The importer has these seedless papayas yearround available.

“This seedless papaya responds to the fact that consumers have / take less and less time and prefer convenience to spending many hours in the kitchen. However, the product still has to make a difference in terms of fame. As a result, customers often choose for the well-known alternative “, says Stefan.

The seedless papaya is more expensive than the ‘normal’ papaya, this is probably also the reason that customers are still a bit reticent to order this, for many, unknown product. But we notice that the German catering suppliers are currently becoming interested “, Stefan concludes.


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