This is the best way to cut a mango


Many people love mango: delicious in ice cream, a smoothie or simply cut into cubes. Yet it often turns out to be difficult to cut this exotic fruit.

For cookbook author and TV presenter Yvette van Boven, cutting a mango is simple. It’s as easy as cutting an avocado. The shape of the mango is the same as the shape of the kernel, she explains. “The fruit has a flat stone. Put it upright and cut down with a big knife, just right and left along the stone”, explains Van Boven.

Mangos are available all year round.
“Now you have two smooth halves with skin and a stone with pulp around it. You can peel those halves and cut them into strips, for example. I usually eat the pulp around the stone myself. You can also cut it into pieces if it doesn’t have to look pretty. “

Not a fan of devices
Nowadays you have a device for everything. On the internet you will find mango cutters on many websites. They cost between 4 and 15 euros. Van Boven says she is not a fan of these utensils: “I am not a fan of the devices, I peel with a vegetable peeler. Just use a knife and a chopping board, I wouldn’t make it more difficult than it is.”

Kamal El Ouassidi of Bud Holland, an importer of exotic fruit including mango, finds it important that his mangos are always nicely cut. “It is important that your mango is ready to eat before you cut it,” he emphasizes. So ripe. How can you tell that? You can feel it, says El Ouassidi. “A ripe mango is slightly softer. We measure and cut them ourselves to see if the mango is ripe enough.” On YouTube, explains in a video that you cannot rely on the color. “A mango is ripe when the fruit bounces back when you push it gently.”

Got yourself a ripe one? “Cut the mango in half lengthwise,” advises El Ouassidi. “You also do this with both halves. Then cut the fruit horizontally and vertically. When you turn it inside out, the cubes of mango fall out.”

Mango Readylicious



The mango has many varieties and appears in many different flavours and shapes. The most famous mango’s are Keith and Kent mangoes. But Tommy Atkins, Palmer and Shelley are also delicious varieties.



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