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Chérie potato

This is certainly not your average potato. The Chérie potato is quite small in size but rich in flavour. The Chérie potato is a so-called waxy variety and is often slightly sweeter than normal potatoes. The skin is red and edible.

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Did you know that the traditional Dutch potato originally comes from Peru? Spaniards discovered the spuds with the Incas during their voyages of discovery in the 15th century and then introduced them to Europe. The Chérie potato descends from the Roseval. This potato is elongated and has a pink skin with yellow flesh. The early to mid-early harvest potato is very popular in French and Hungarian cuisine.


Cherie aardappel 2

How to store

Store potatoes in a cool and dry place and make sure they get little or no sunlight.
How to eat

Chérie potatoes are waxy. This means that they are suitable for cooking or baking. Prepare the potatoes with the peel so that they retain more vitamins and are flavour.



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