Choco sinaasappel


Choco orange

A chocolate orange? Yes… But don’t expect a chocolate flavour. This special and delicious orange owns its name to its dark colour. The skin of this orange is more brown than a normal orange. It is a delicious navel orange with a very sweet taste and wonderfully juicy.

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A few years ago, a Spanish orange grower discovered a brown coloured orange tree on his land. He analysed the brown coloured oranges and the result was amazing. The brown navel oranges turned out to be of higher quality than his other navel oranges. From that moment on he decided to offer them in addition to his regular oranges.


Choco sinaasappel

How to store

Do not store choclo oranges in the refrigerator, but in the fruit bowl, where they can be kept for 1 to 2 weeks.

How to eat

You can eat this chocolate orange out of hand. But just like other oranges, it is also delicious to use in marinades and desserts. To bring out the special colour, you can grate the skin and use it as a seasoning, or use the pulp in a salad.



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