Hala fruit


Hala Fruit

This fruit is sometimes described as an exploded planet or mutated pineapple. It is a large fruit that can grow up to 30 cm long, with hundreds of segments attached to each other by a core. The segments are pulled off the core and then you can squeeze the sweet flesh out with your teeth. The fibrous side of the segments is sometimes used as a natural toothbrush.

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Halafruit grows on the so-called fragrant screw palm and can grow up to 14 meters high, with a spiky trunk that grows between 5 – 11 meters wide.


Hala fruit

How to store

Keep Hala Fruit outside the refrigerator and don’t wait too long to eat.

How to eat

Peel off a segment of the core and chew the raw fruit to squeeze out the sweet flesh. Pacific Islanders extract the soft flesh by cooking finely chopped segments of the fruit and then straining it. After this you can process it into a paste and use it in curries or desserts.


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