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Kinome / Sansho Leaves

Kinome is the young leaf of the Sansho (prickly ash tree). It has a fresh flavour reminiscent of citrus fruits, yuzu and kaffir lime. This freshness is combined with peppery and spicy notes.Moreover, it numbs the tongue, just like szechuan peppers do. This numbing effect is caused by a confusion in the nerves called ‘sanshools’.

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The Sansho Leaves plant is also known as the Japanese mountain pepper and finds its way into many different forms in Japanese cuisine. The fresh seasonal berries of this plant are picked and used as fresh, dried or pickled ingredients. Dried Sansho berries are one of the seven spices in Shichimi, a spice blend in Japanese cuisine. The young leaves are pounded with a Japanese mortar, the Suribachi and Surikogi, to be used in hotpot and Aemono (dressed dish). Traditionally, the Surikogi, the mortar, is made of wood from the Sansho tree, giving the food a subtle hint of its flavour. Dried leaves of this plant are used as a spice or topping and are called Kinome. In Korea, the Sansho Leaves (Chopi) have been used in the Jang spice paste for centuries before the Portuguese imported chili peppers from America. The Jang spice paste from Sansho Leaves laid the foundation for the famous Gochujang spice paste with chili pepper that we all know today.

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Sansho Kinome Leaves

How to store

Kinome / Sansho Leaves are available all year round and can be stored for up to a week at a temperature between 2-7°C.

How to eat

Kinome / Sansho Leaves can be used whole and work well in a variety of applications. Of course, this product goes well with North and East Asian cuisine, but it also lends itself perfectly to other cuisines. The citrusy hints combine well with fish, meat and shellfish. The aromatic, tingling sensation is a perfect addition to cocktails and infusions. Desserts become a truly unique taste experience with the palate cleansing effect.



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