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Lemon Snack

This new lemon snack brings together the best of both worlds: the refreshing taste of lemon and the nutritious properties of the peel. With its smaller size and milder acidity, it makes a delicious snack. The edible peel has a sweet-sour taste. But this Lemon Snack is not only suitable as a snack. It’s a versatile fruit whose juice and peel can be used in various dishes.


These crops are grown in the Metapontino area, on suitable agricultural lands, with attention to the preservation of the environment.


Lemon Snacks

How to store

Don’t store Lemon Snacks in the refrigerator, but in the fruit bowl, where they can be stored for 1 to 2 weeks.

How to eat

Eat Snack Lemons with their edible peel as a refreshing and nutritious snack. Grate the zest to add an intense lemon flavor to dishes such as salads, pasta, fish dishes and desserts. Squeeze the juice from the lemons and use it to flavor sauces and dressings. The peel is also suitable for confit.


More information?

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