Amalfi lemon


Limoncello lemon

The Limoncello lemon has a number of valuable characteristics. In addition to its tasty juice and slightly acidic pulp, the lemon is very popular for its edible peel, which is due to the absence of chemical treatment. These lemons are harvested with a small part of the branch, which keeps the fruit extra fresh. Due to its intense aroma and abundance of essential oils and terpenes, this lemon is very suitable for making Limoncello liqueur.

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Italy’s Mediterranean coastline and mild climate provide ideal conditions for growing lemons. Italian lemons are known for their high quality and taste. Limoncello lemons are unsprayed.


Amalfi lemon

How to store

Don’t store Limoncello lemons in a fridge but on a fruit bowl. Store them for 1 or 2 weeks.

How to eat

Use the lemons as you would use a normal lemon. For example, make jam, custard or lemon curd. The peel can be grated and used as a finishing touch in pasta or risottos. But the best way to use this lemon is of course for… Limoncello!


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