Milky fruit


Milky fruit

An unique, sweet and milky fruit, also known as the star apple. The taste is a bit like condensed milk! Milky fruit has a green, smooth and shiny skin and the flesh is creamy white with a hint of reddish-purple. Milky fruit is also available in purple, but it is a bit more bitter and has a less creamy taste.

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Milky fruit is native to Central America and the Caribbean, but can also be found in Southeast Asia, such as Cambodia and Vietnam. Our milky fruits come from Vietnam. They grow in evergreen trees that are 8-30 meters high with a dense, wide crown and brown hairy branches. All plant parts contain a milky latex. Small flowers form in clusters in the leaf axils and grow into milky fruits.


Milky fruit

How to store

You can keep the fruits for about 3 days at room temperature.

How to eat

It is best to halve the fruits and then spoon them out. The peel and seeds are inedible. Milky fruit is best when served cold.


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