Pine nuts


Pine nuts

Pine nuts are the seeds of a pine. They come from four different types of pine trees, The seeds are in a kind of pine cone on the pine tree, so they are not visible from the outside. It is an essential product for the pesto & capriccios.

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The pine nuts come from the pine. There are 24 different pines trees around the world which grow pine nuts. There are only 4 trees which have edible nuts. The exact origin of pinenut consumption quite unknown. It can be said that people have been eating this for a long time, looking at the long history of the pine trees. The trees are also widely spread troughout the world.


Pine nuts

How to store

You can keep the seeds in a cool and dry environment for a long time.

How to eat

The taste of pine nuts become extra delicious if you roast them in a dry pan, but they can also be eaten raw. The most famous preperation with pinenutes is of course the world famous Italian pesto. Pine nuts also taste fantastic as a carpaccio, salad or pasta topping and even in pastries.



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