Red Moon® apple


Red Moon® apple

Besides its beautiful, crunchy outside, the inside is, as the name suggests… red! The red colouring of the pulp comes from the so-called anthocyanins, these are organic red pigments that also occur in other fruits with antioxidant effect. When you cut the apple in halve, you can discover a white, butterfly-like shape in the red flesh. A spectacular apple, simply from mother nature herself!

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Red Moon® grows on the land of selected growers in Italy. For the sake of the future generation, among other things, these growers focus on growing apples as naturally and sustainably as possible.


Red Moon® apple

How to store

Keep apples in the refrigerator. Here they can be kept for about 2-4 weeks. You can also keep them on a fruit bowl. Then they can be kept for about 3-7 days.

How to eat

Surprise your loved one with this romantic apple! Used in all kinds of apple pastries and desserts, this pink-red apple also steals the show.


More information?

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