Smoked tahu

Tahu is known as a meat substitute. It has a high protein content and the fat content is very low. Smoked tahu contains less moisture than normal tahu and of course it has a delicious smoky flavour. Because of this smoky taste, it is often used as a vegetarian substitute for bacon, smoked sausage or smoked chicken. Tahu is made from soy milk.

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Jaarrond beschikbaar


Tahu is made from soybeans and is 100% plant-based. The soybeans are soaked and mashed into a thick mass, which is cooked until the soy milk starts to clump. This smoked tahu is pressed into smaller blocks even more firmly than normal tahu. Then it is smoked for a long time.



How to store

Store in the refrigerator, where you can store it for months. You can also freeze it, then you can store it even longer.

How to eat

Tahu is a fantastic meat substitute because it contains a lot of protein and absorbs flavor well. Smoked tahu is especially suitable as a vegetarian substitute for, for example, smoked bacon, smoked sausage or smoked chicken. Cut the tahu into cubes or strips. You can then stir-fry, fry, grill or bake the smoked tahu.

More information?

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