Coconut. Fresh young nuts isolated on white background. Full dep


Young coconuts

A young coconut is a coconut of which the outside is still green and not yet hairy and dark brown. These green, young coconuts are from Thailand and after picking, they are stripped of their green bark by cutting them down in the shape of a house. That saves you a lot of work! The juice of the young coconut is wonderfully refreshing and the soft flesh also tastes fantastic.

Availavbility young coconuts

Jaarrond beschikbaar


Our young coconuts are from Thailand. In the past, monkeys were used to pick coconuts from the tall palms. Fortunately, nowadays they have a better solution for that: a long stick with a hook on it.


Coconut. Fresh young nuts isolated on white background. Full dep

How to store

Young coconuts could be kept in the fridge for a maximum of one week.

How to eat 

Opening is less difficult than it seems. It is important that you work carefully. If it is successful , you can put a straw in and enjoy the coconut juice. But the inner, soft coconut is also edible!

Step 1: Scrape the white bark along the point away with a sharp knife. You will feel that you are scraping along the inner, hard, round nut. Keep scraping until the nut comes out.
Step 2: now carefully prick the knife in the coconut and “saw” a circle around the nut, Flip off the lid and enjoy!

Opening a young coconut


More information?

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