4 persons

1 hour


1 cucumber, rinsed

half a rettich, peeled

2 tbsps white wine vinega

1 tbsps honey

150g samphire, cleaned

300g fresh tuna (organic)


1 ReadyLicious mango

2 passion fruits

juice of 1 lime

1 tbsp sesame oil

50ml fruity olive oil

Salad of rettich, cucumber and glasswort with tuna and mango-passion fruit dressing


Use a peeler to grate the cucumber into long ribbons up to the seeds. Do the same with the rettich.

Mix the white wine vinegar with the honey and pour over the vegetables.

Blanch the glasswort for 15 seconds in boiling water with sea salt, immediately rinse with cold water on round sieve and leave to drain.


Peel the mango and cut away the flesh from the pit. Finely dice the flesh.

Cut the passion fruits in half and scoop out the flesh.

Mash the mango, passion fruit and lime in a blender until smooth, add olive oil and sesame oil and add sea salt and black pepper to taste.

Final preperation

Place the ribbons of cucumbers and rettich on top of each other and roll them up. Make three rolls per dish and place them on a plate.

Cut the tuna in thin slices and divide over the rolls. Place glasswort on top and cover in mango dressing.


Readylicious® mango

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