4 persons

30 minutes

12 springrolls

400 g cod fillet or other seasonal whitefish such as sea bream, zander, sea bass, halibut

12 round rice sheets

2 ReadyLicious® avocados

24 spinachleaves

1 cucumber, peeled

5 el rice vinegar

24 basil leaves

24 mint leaves

Soy sauce

Fish sauce(nuoc cham saus or nam pla)

Spring roll with cod, avocado, spinach, cucumber, basil and mint

Preheat the oven to 95°C.

Remove the fish from the refrigerator 15 minutes before cooking. Pat the fillets dry and divide into twelve equal slices. Place them on a baking tray lined with parchment paper and season lightly with sea salt and ground pepper.

Place the fish in the oven for 8-10 minutes until cooked through. This depends on the thickness of the fish fillet. This low-temperature cooking technique keeps the fish firm and juicy.

In the meantime, halve the avocados and remove the stone. Scoop the pulp out of the skin with a spoon. Cut each half into six parts.

Cut the cucumber into three equally sized pieces. Cut each piece into slices all around up to the seed list and then into narrow strips. Drizzle the bars with rice vinegar.

Take a sheet of rice paper and moisten it by running cold water over it with your fingertips.

Cover the rice sheet from a third at the bottom with 2 strips of cucumber, 2 leaves of spinach and 1 piece of fish fillet. Fold the rice sheet around it one turn. Then top with 2 avocado wedges, 2 basil leaves and 2 mint leaves. Fold the sides in, carefully shape the roll and shape it into a tight roll.

Present the spring rolls on a large platter with chopsticks.

Serve the soy sauce and fish sauce separately.


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