• Raddichio Rosa

Raddichio Rosa


This beautiful pink lettuce is from Italy and is related to radicchio lettuce. Raddichio Rosa has the same characteristic, slightly bitter taste as the other radicchio varieties, but tastes a bit sweeter. Its a beautiful eye-catcher on your plate!

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  • Chiconettes



Chiconettes are small chicory heads with a rich flavor. Chiconettes owe their color to the fact that they are grown in the dark. Because light does not reach the leaves, the plant does not produce any green dye.

  • treviso

Treviso Precoce


This beautiful vegetable is related to radicchio and therefore, it has the same characteristic slightly bitter taste.

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  • Treviso Tardivo

Treviso Tardivo


Treviso Tardivo is characterized by a rosette of long narrow leaves with a wide white midrib and a narrow leaf at the top.

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  • Castelfranco



This type of lettuce originated from a mix between red chicory and endive. It is a lettuce looking vegetable which is very decorative. The leaves are beautiful green to red coloured and have red-pink “splashes”.

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