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  • Sharonfruit

Sharon fruit


Sharon fruit is a cheerful, orange fruit with sweet, juicy flesh and a fairly firm skin. It's a brother of kaki fruit, but flatter. However, you can only eat kaki fruit when the fruit is nicely ripened, but you don't have to wait for that with sharon fruit, they are always delicious! Sharon fruit also looks a bit like an orange tomato, but with a taste that resembles an apricot or mango.

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  • Buddha hand

Buddha hand


Buddha hand (also called Buddha fingers) is a special name for a special looking fruit. A kind of lemon 'gone wild'. It has a sweet, lemony aroma and no juice or pulp. The mild-tasting white part of the Buddha hand is not bitter, unlike most citrus fruits.

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  • Kiwano



Kiwano is part of the cucumber family and has an oval shape with small spikes, for this reason the kiwano is also called 'horned melon'. The inside of a kiwano contains many chambers with jelly-like seeds. The inside of a kiwano is edible and has a fresh taste.

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