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  • Guave rood



Guava is a beautiful spherical fruit that has a green or yellow skin. The pulp of the guava is white to dark pink red. Guava has a sweet and sour taste with its own aroma. The small seeds of the guava are edible.

  • Red bananas

Red Banana


To get straight to the point: red bananas are completely natural! The red colour is caused by the antioxidant betcarotene. And under this beautiful, reddish-brown skin hides a delicious soft banana that is even sweeter than the well-known yellow banana. Definitely worth a try!

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  • Rambutan



With its remarkable hairy green-reddish skin, this fruit attracts your attention quickly. It is also called the hairy lychee. When you open it you will be surprised with a delicious white, juicy and aromatic fruit. The rambutan grows in bunches in trees that can grow up to 20 meters!

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