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Green Red plums


Green Red plums are also called watermelon plums and have striking red flesh and a red and green skin. They are distinguished by their unique, high-quality taste. When they are still a bit unripe and crunchy, they are sweet, but also have a subtle acidity. When ripe, the aromatic, dark flesh is velvety soft.

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Peach, with its velvety skin and juicy flesh, is a flavorful fruit that has been beloved for centuries. This beautiful fruit belongs to the Rosaceae family and is closely related to nectarines, apricots, and plums. Their appearance is distinctive: a round to oval shape with a velvety, fuzzy skin that can vary from yellow to pink and even red, depending on the variety. The flesh of peaches is juicy and sweet, with a delightful aroma reminiscent of warm summer days.

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Apricots, with their velvety skin and juicy flesh, are a delicious and versatile fruit that has been cherished for centuries for their sweet taste and aroma. These beautiful fruits belong to the Rosaceae family and are characterized by their round to oval shape and their velvety, orange to yellow skin. The flesh of apricots is juicy and sweet, with a delightful flavor reminiscent of warm summer days and a hint of floral aromas.

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Nectarines belong to the same family as peaches, Rosaceae, and share many of the same characteristics, but with a notable absence of the fuzzy outer covering of their relatives. The appearance of nectarines is distinctive: an oval shape with a smooth, glossy skin that varies in color from yellow to orange and red. The flesh of nectarines is juicy and sweet, with a delightful aroma reminiscent of warm summer days.

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Plums are beautiful fruits with a smooth skin that varies in color from deep purple to yellow, red, and even green, depending on the variety. They are usually round or oval in shape and have a soft, juicy texture when ripe. The flesh ranges from creamy yellow to deep orange, and it has a thin, edible skin. Plums usually have a somewhat sweet taste, although some varieties may also have a slight tartness.

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