• Tree ripened mangos

Tree ripened mango


The mango has many varieties and is therefore available in many different flavors and shapes. Keith and Kent mangoes are the most famous. Most mangoes are picked unripe and are ripened at the destination, but there are also so-called tree-ripened mangoes. The growers take some more time prior to harvesting as these mangoes ripen in their natural environment on the tree. As a result these mango’s have the perfect smell, texture & taste. Besides that they are full of vitamins and other nutritions. In our opinion, these mangoes are the tastiest.

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  • Coconuts



Coconut reminds us of vacations, tropical beaches and summer cocktails. Despite the name “coconut” is it actually not a nut, but a stone-fruit. When it's picked, it's still in a green husk. When you remove the husk, the hairy woody 'nut' appears, which contains delicious coconut meat and coconut water.

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